Wait a Minute...I Have a Blog?

The neglect.

I’ve been so preoccupied with living life that I forgot I’m supposed to be documenting the world I live within. As a result, posts here have been sporadic at best, but far and few between for sure. Not to say that I haven’t had ideas or that there haven’t been moments that I felt the need to share my feeling on, it’s just that I haven’t been able to put the words together to express my thoughts.

I guess we can classify the drought as “medically induced writer’s block”. Without going into details, I’ve had a tough go of it in recent months, but I’m still here to tell the story and others. Not to mention, I’m still honeymooning and running the streets, so my body and brain don’t necessarily have the time to rest the way it should. Consequently, I have many Word documents opened that never reach my goal of 300 words and never make it to your eyes.

Good thing I keep a notebook to jot my ideas down in the eventuality that I have a breakthrough and the words pour out one day. I believe I’m heading to that moment, I think this month is the month I return to that smart ass you’ve grown to love…or hate. I’ve observed so much over the past few months and have so much on my mind that the time has come for me to share, through a writer’s block and the haze of my pain.

Between shots of vicodin or vodka, you will start to see the world through my eyes once again and though I’ve grown in some ways…I’m as ignant as ever! So, rest in peace to Rodney King and Usher’s career and welcome to the World According to Teef, 2.1 or 2.2.

It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

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