You Know They Had to Do a Remix Right?

BET has completely lost their grip on the Blaxploitation business, as parent company Viacom has designated VH1 as its resident slinger of stereotypes and to quote those who know, “rachetness”. In the same token, Mona Scott is making her bid to usurp Shaunie O’Neal and the irrepressible Kris Jenner as the biggest madams in the game. “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” premiered last night and immediately raised the level of stank on primetime TV.

The promo trailers/show intro was extremely cinematic and the show followed its lead. I don’t know about you, but I got the feeling that all of the action last night was scripted and if not, definitely the work of a svengali. It’s almost like the messiness of the original “Love & Hip-Hop” based in New York wasn’t enough, the remix had to go to another level in every way. The characters seemed almost cartoonish; their storylines out of those horrible hood novels and the camera work was something out of a Benny Boom video.

Now, you can't blame my East Coast bias on my disapproval of the show, but there was just something about what I watched that struck me as buffoonish. Everyone just seemed so over the top that they appeared fake, it was almost like I was watching a Tyler Perry movie. In the back of my mind, all I kept hearing was “By-ronnnnnnnnnn!” and that’s not the half of it. This particular group of folks has no impact on today’s music scene and judging from last night, their struggles are not something we should be watching weekly either.

Last night was the result of all of the shows that have come before, from “Flavor of Love” to “Basketball Wives” and it exploded for all of us to see. I watched with pity that this was the route this group took to “make it” or reclaim any of the fame from days gone by. I grooved to so many Stevie J tracks back in the 90’s that it was sad to watch him play himself repeatedly last night. First, he buys his lady a house in the sticks and won’t even commit to living there with her…what part of the game is that?!? Next, he’s all in with this chick that looks like knockoff Rihanna, but one that was born with a y chromosome and even less talent. Stevie was definitely enthralled by the woman’s body and “exoticness”, because the song that played in the background as he watched her shake it was wack! Dude, she’s definitely not worth losing the home team over!

I don’t have the time or patience to even discuss his baby mama Mimi. However, I will discuss that I believe Stevie J has violent tendencies towards women. Based on how he aggressively walked towards Joseline after throwing the drink on her, plus his flagrant use of “bitch” in reference to Karlie and the way he approaches Erika in the season preview, we may watch his unraveling this season.

There’s a couple real niggas in the building…

Lil’ Scrappy and his mother, Momma Dee, are the portrait of dysfunction on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. In one instance, she’s as protective of her son as most Black mothers are, but she seems to want to control his life down to his woman and his emotions about his situation. The funny part was when she was passing judgment on Erika's mother when she was a pimp and dope dealer! It’s clearly been a unhealthy ride for them, but this show won’t help at all, because it’s obvious that she needs some real help and in that order!

All in all, that may have been the worst hour of my life and I’ve have seen some dark days. I’m not sure what Mona Scott had drawn up for this installment of the show, but it missed the mark, unless she was aiming for the trash. However, I know your cousins will love it and the characters will become darlings of the block and Twitter celebrities. But as always, at what cost? You’re gonna tune in, I’m gonna tune you out and their ignorance will be on full display for the next three or four months, unless we grow a collective conscious and decide that this is not how we want to be represented weekly. Yeah right!

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