Moving Violation

I was having a “Martin” mini-marathon the other day when I arrived at the episode that finds Martin and Gina moving in together and ultimately up to their waists in boxes of Gina’s belongings. In the next scene, the couple has duplicate appliances and electronic goods that leads to them competing over whose stuff is better. Watching this episode, it got me thinking, are there rules to cohabitation?

I’m saying, if she moves in with me, does she have the right to add a woman’s touch to my bachelor pad? Or if a guy moves in with his lady, does his porn stash come too? I understand that women have a knack for designing and feng shui, but a brother has a right to decide if he’s gonna sleep in a room with apricot walls or use Charmin or Scott’s tissue.

What about when a couple purchases a home together? Does she get to choose everything down to the light fixtures and all he’s good for is moving the same table every which way for three hours just for it to end up in the same position it started. There needs to be some sort of manual with the answers to this situation, because without it, all a brother ends up with is a place to put his toothbrush…

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