Dear Summer (of My Discontent)

September 11, 2012

Dearest Summer,

We’ve danced this dance countless times through the years and our most recent interactions have been contentious at best; you’ve trained your glare on the back of my neck and I’ve called on you to expedite your exit. However, your sisters Autumn, Winter and Spring have lassoed me with a burden that stole our opportunity to rekindle any semblance of our childhood romance.  By the time you returned to me this year I was wishing for the days gone by; I was hoping for the fleeting moments of joy we shared just twelve months prior.

Instead, I viewed your magnificence from my couch, hopped up on painkillers and deflated by the false promises of your arrival. I was unable to run in your gentle breeze…who am I kidding, I was barely capable of standing in your radiance. No less than three times did I try to correct what left me unstable on my own power and even did battle with one your mother’s plants that allowed me to never scratch the surface of your brilliance. I shudder at mention of the score of pills I took daily to offset years of abusing my body that nearly robbed me of my most precious asset, the ability to think, to dream, to imagine, to create and overall be myself.

Now I await one more pass at strengthening my base and resurrecting my love affair with Autumn in your stead, despite concerns that have arrived over the past few weeks, I will not remain idle in my own life. So, as you make surprise visits in the coming weeks, I’ll embrace you with open arms and cherish the moments we have together. It is my prayer that when you return for your extended vacation next year, I will be ready to stand firmly in your light and enjoy you from can’t see to can’t see.

Forever, For Always,



Don’t be too angry if you catch me in a compromising position with one of your sisters…a man can only take so much loneliness.

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