I'm Disappointed in America: Terry Crews...Again!

I understand the need to feed your family. I know it’s hard to find work as a Black actor. However, I know about pride and self-respect and these Old Spice commercials have surpassed coonery and are knocking on the door of blatant racism. I get sick to my stomach every time he flashes across my TV shirtless, yelling some incoherent nonsense that I guess is supposed to be funny or invite me to try Old Spice.

It’s not funny, not sexy and I’m offended every single time. I just want to sit down with the brother and discuss the image he’s pushing into homes 10 or 12 times per day. I would also like to have him sit with a financial consultant to get his books in order, because the only thing that explains these goddamn commercials is he needs some duckets! I know it seems like work, but there’s work at the post office! I’m combating enough troubling images with all of these damn “Wives”, rappers and “The Game” to have this ignant summmabich in hot pants breaking through my flat screen during March Madness!

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