The Radiant Sunshine: Giving Domestic Violence a Face

In the last few days of March 2001 you came to stay with me as we buried our favorite uncle; you brought your daughter and your man.  Your daughter was just as I imagined, precious and beautiful, a reflection of you.  This man you brought in to my home was “different”, he seemed to be a man of many requests (iron my shirt, get my drink or plate, etc…), but I thought nothing of it at the time.  We stayed up all night talking and reminiscing about our hectic past, I mean we talked about everything; the good and the bad.
We reconnected in a way that only first cousins can understand.  I felt so relieved that I was not the only one affected by the things we saw and was not allowed to discuss.  Your presence held a certain freedom; which came from realizing I hadn’t made our past all up in my head.  We vowed that day, as we shared what would be our last hug, we would not let time and distance become an obstacle for us ever again.
Over the next six months, we would talk here and there and I learned quickly how easy it was to reconnect with you as an adult.  It wasn’t long after I planned a trip down to Maryland; I still can’t place words to my anticipation.  The trip was planned for Thursday, November 29th and I knew it was going to be a quick trip to attend a concert, see you and be home for work the next morning.
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