Surrealism: Bilal Releases "A Love Surreal"

You don’t listen to a Bilal album, you experience it; the latest experience comes courtesy of A Love Surreal, a suite of songs that tug and poke at your emotions until you’re completely enthralled by his amazing vocals and the depths of his lyrics.
Anyone who’s experienced 1st Born Second,Airtight’s Revenge or managed to get their hands on  Love for Sale is familiar with being drawn deeply into the music and navigated through story after story in a way that leaves you breathless and wanting once the album has completed.
A Love Surreal doesn’t disappoint in its poetry or refusal to compromise to what R&B is currently being defined as. Instead, Bilal (who produced 11 of the 14 songs) retains complete creative license over his trademark sound and continues to produce music that relates to the depths of relationships, the crust of society and not just the party and bullsh*t on your FM dial.
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