I'm Disappointed in America: Mary J. Blige

I love Mary J. Blige. I don’t love her in 2012 the same way I did in 1992, because our experiences have led us to different places. She’s achieved worldwide stardom and earned millions of dollars, battled addiction and K-Ci’s ugly ass, but she’s still standing after all of these years and belting out anthems that directly reflect our community (for better or worse).

Mary’s newest anthem isn’t about loving the wrong man or a volatile relationship, it’s about chicken! A fried chicken snack wrap from Burger King at that! Come on now, you’re Mary J. Blige, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, loved by millions and you’re talking about three cheeses and fresh lettuce? Damn! I’ve been troubled by “Hood Love” and “Mr. Wrong” for the message they send to women, but the message you’re sending to everyone here is disturbing.

Did you miss the “Ain’t Gonna Shuffle No More” segment of Eyes on the Prize? Artists bowed and danced for Mister Charlie so you could stand on a stage in front of thousands and sing your life. Marion Anderson and Nina Simone are rolling over in their graves at you singing about some damn fried chicken! There’s the possibility that the check was too good for you pass or someone in your ear thought this would be a good look for you. Once again, you’re Mary J. Blige, you had millions of women and young girls rocking blonde streaks and baseball caps, you were his lover and his secretary…now you’re the damn chicken lady!

I’m unsure how you overlooked the connotations of this commercial and I guess that’s where our experiences have differed the most; I understand that I’m not threatening singing about chicken, but I’m a menace in my Polo hoodie…

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