Trying to Match These Blogs with My New Views

When Summer comes screeching to a halt and the winds pick up, my work flow does too, so please excuse me for the lack of updates. It’s always an adventure doing my part to help a couple hundred students navigate through college and into the real world; not to mention meeting 500 high school seniors and helping them make what is ultimately the biggest decision of their lives at this point. As a result, sitting down and putting a few hundred words together to make you laugh, think, upset or uncomfortable takes a backseat to what keeps the lights on.

However, I’ve been sitting on some ideas, happenings that are not time-released, but what I observe nearly every day. Yeah, I missed a few hot-button topics, but those things don’t move me. I’ll let them talk about the same ol’, same ol’, until they’re blue in the face. Besides, I don’t listen to them, because I don’t know who they are, but I know you and I know what you want. You want the real, the everyday real, not those trying to keep up with the Joneses or Kardashians. You don’t want to occupy Wall Street, because your people have never occupied Easy St. and putting all of your business on Front St. ain’t in your best interest. I can’t occupy my mind with who’s rich and who’s not or the release of Amanda Knox (didn’t she say a Black man killed her roommate?); I’ve got bigger fish to fry, but not in the kitchen.

Trying to match the blogs with my new views

Well, not exactly new, but your kids can’t read and you’re not safe walking to your car and a husband and wife can’t talk without screaming and millions of children are sleeping without dreaming…so I guess I should write about Beyonce’s baby bump to make everyone feel better? These days, I’d rather right about the trouble nobody sees and sorrow everybody knows in hopes you’ll pay attention for more than a commercial break. I didn't change my mind, I just changed my way of thinking. It all sounds good until the next Tyler Perry movies hits the screens…

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