Experience: Julie Dexter


Scene 1: West Philadelphia

The sounds of joy in the adjacent room seem miles away from the table I share with Julie Dexter; she and I are in our own world as they do battle on the Wii. Over the course of an hour we discuss her new album, her new baby, homeschooling, live bands, her influences, current listening tastes, the Atlanta music scene, and much more. So much, that it seemed like we were old friends catching up, rather than meeting for the first time. That’s the beauty of Julie Dexter: She’s an old friend, not just a critically acclaimed singer from Birmingham, U.K.; she’s a soul sista. New Again is Julie Dexter’s first album in six years and she doesn’t lament the gap at all. You see, in the interim she’s given birth to two children and settled into the role of family woman. She’s never taken off from performing, just recording a full-length album. The same energy and effort that went to carrying, birthing, and ultimately raising her children goes into her projects and as she’s watched the world devolve over the last few years, she realized she had to provide positive experiences to her daughter in her music.

Experience Julie Dexter on Soul Train

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